Boomerang Bags


Before single use soft plastic bags became the shopper's norm, people took a cloth bag or a shopping basket to the market.  Even a brown paper bag can be recycled in the compost.


Now, a significant proportion of plastic waste is from single use plastic - like a bag or a six-pack inner.  It ends up in landfill, where it doesn't break down, or in the ocean where it is a danger to life.


However, a group meets twice a month to sew cloth bags from donated fabric, and these are freely available from boxes located outside Carsons Bookshop, Read Brotheres Hardware, The Green Grocer, Heather Moore Pharmacy, Re-Store, the Lotus Realm, the Organic Shop and St Johns op-shop.


Twice a Month Bag making:

2 - 430 - High School Sewing Room - second Wednesday

9 - Noon - GBD - last Saturday 

More info - PlasticPollutionFreeThames on Facebook


The only problem is keeping up with demand!  please volunteer to help.