Who we are

We are a group of ordinary folk who are concerned that the systems on which we rely are overloaded, and need to be less pressured. We see this as being achieved through local connections, local resources, and local actions.

Our purpose

To build resilience in and around Thames by enabling community approaches to food, energy and economics in ways that are environmentally sustainable, socially just and spiritually fulfilling for all.

Our Structure

T3 is an incorporated society. Anyone can join (for $5 a year).  The core group tend to co-oridnate things over regular breakfast meetings.  T3 initiates and/or gets involved with various projects, and each project has a champion, who is also part of the core group.  the champion (supported by core group) makes sure events happen, and involves the wider commnity as appropriate (and as much as possible!).

We connect with many other groups and organisations in Thames including (but not limited to) Thames Coromandel District Council, the Thames Business Association, Housing NZ, the EcoTrust, and the Thames Community Centre.

Core group:
members of T3 Inc







Fruit Trees


TED Talks

Wider Community