The cheapest energy and the biggest savings are to not use any more energy thank you need to!!!!  Always choose energy efficient products with a long lifetime.


Good insulation stops the energy drifting away!  EECA offers grants and support to enable home-owners and others to insulate houses - see: EECA Website Info.


The T3 ESC energy project is no longer running, after improving insulation in around 300 homes, and bulk-buying several loads of efficient, NZ made, Pyroclassic log burners for purchasers in town.



Every Autumn, working with social agencies, T3 volunteers round up and prepare trailer loads of wood for delivery to homes for whom warmth and dryness are not always easy to maintain.


Thames Urban Development Strategy (TUDS: TCDC 2013) recognises the potential for Thames to be an example of renewable energy "best practice", with a spine of renewable energy running as a microgrid along Pollen street, linking together 3 other microgrids, at each end, and with the Mary Street Pollen Street intersection.  These three areas will connect some of the key public buildings and amenities of the town.


In 2016/7, Wintec supported the development of a research document looking into the range of renewable energy options for Thames.  This report was commissioned by Karl Edmonds of the GBD, and chair of Totally Thames business group.  The report concludes that the initial TUDS vision of interconnected rooftop solar should be augmented by a raised solar farm project, based on the floodplainbetween the Kauaeranga River and SH 25 at the southern entrance to the town, and that are opportunities for developing working demonstrations energy generation in a technology themed area in the Kauaeranga Valley.

The T3 vision is for a community owned enterprise that generates and distributes energy in the area.  The company would be a not-for profit entity, and, instead, generate surpluses to build up a community fund for future resilience projects, and to keep the $5.5 million pa energy expenditure circulating within the local economy.


This 5ha solar farm on the Solent in the United Kingdom generates sufficient power to run 600 homes.  The Thames floodplain is over 4 times as large.

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