As long as you're fit and well you're able to support others and you're not needing the vital support that is, inevitably, going to be stretched by this pandemic.  For information on the virus and its impacts see:


Eat better than usual – veges and home cooking are really good.... maybe use the extra time to vary your diet a bit and to rediscover your signature dishes..  This link will take you to dozens of great meals.  Eat them as they are for a great feed, or add meat and use them as side vege dishes that everyone will love!


If you've never made bread, there's a wonderful “no-knead” sourdough recipe on the left.



Keep fit – the opportunity to write that novel, read all those books or watch all those movies may be irresistable, but you need to get out into the fresh air get outside (staying close to home) and connect with the wider environment.  Just enjoy whats growing... or even -


Get Back in the Garden –here's the chance to turn over some neglected soil, and get some winter greens in place.  


(And, cos its been 50 years already, here's Get Back on the Rooftop)

Here's a thought on self-isolation from a nun who spent 29 years in seclusion..

Create structure – humans, like many mammals, are creatures of pattern and habit. Even those of us who resisit it appreciate a bit of structure in our lives. It helps us to locate ourselves in the lived experience of time – what time it feels like, rather than what our watch says. When the familiar structures change, many of us get that timeless, drifty, and just a bit surreal sort of feeling.


Working out some familiar patterns for your day will help you get into the flow of these next weeks.

Here's a link to some online fitness at home leads.  they're free.  There's lots of these, but this one is from "" so it feels like there's a weird connection...

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