T3 offers a range of events and activities to engage, alert, and involve the widest community possible.  Over the years we have worked with the Totally Thames business and events group, the EcoTrust, Moanataieri School, the Leading the Charge EV group, Thames Heritage Festival, Thames Market, Thames Cinema, Wintec, the GBD, Brew and other Thames businesses, as well as the TCDC and especially their Area Management team.


We have held picnics, concerts, presentations, and brought various experts and opinion leaders to town.  We regularly hold a get together at the Brew Bar and Cafe, from 7 pm, on the first Wednesday of the month.  Likewise, the last Sunday sees us at Thames Cinema presenting selected TED Talks.



We have yet to develop an effective outreach to invovle schools and young people.


We are seeking to develop a regular communications and outreach approach, especially involving online news and blogs, through social media.


We can always do better at building links with other groups and organisations, and to produce a range of informative and accessible shared projects.