The CCNN proposes to use those funds to directly invest into planting projects such as:

  • Planting of riparian zones on farm land (working with farm owners)

  • Planting of areas to minimise soil erosion / land slips

  • Planting of native trees in identified areas / working with land owners


We see that the above locally owned and run Carbon Trading Scheme would direct benefit local communities here on the Coromandel and allow our region to contribute directly to New Zealand meeting the Paris Agreement signed last year. The driving aim behind doing this is to move away from having local ratepayers or using national tax base having to do this work, when this alternative model can directly fund local projects making a real difference to local community. Another major benefit is directly improving local biodiversity through planting of locally sourced/grown native plants.

The Structure of CCNN


To ensure that there is full transparency and that the CCNN meets to objectives, we propose that a charity is set up to administrator the scheme. This ensures that it is bound by government regulation to do what it is set up to do, else be shut down. It is accountable not only to itself and locals, but oversight is in place from a national level. It also ensures that private interests will not take it out of public control.

We see a governance board would be set up to provide best-practice management team – comprising of various individuals sourced from the local area. This will ensure that we get the best possible local governance that understands that local issues and local problems that need addressing.

Future Projects and Development

As mentioned the initial scheme is looking at building a Carbon Trading Scheme. We see potentially the brief to be expanded to enclose related projects that aid to bringing carbon neutrality to the Coromandel. Projects would include looking at energy-efficient buildings, dwellings. Renewable Energy Generation, etc.


Prepared by Tom Webb.  10th May 2017.


1. Russian/Ukrainian Credits: 

Coromandel Carbon Neutral Network        


The Coromandel Carbon Neutral Network (CCNN) aims to allow environmentally conscious people, businesses and organisations that want to offset their carbon emissions into choices that are real, sustainable and want to see and feel this impact locally.



To make a difference to our planet, our neighbours and supporting a local green economy, we propose that a community owned charity administers the CCNN and directs it initially, to set up a localised community owned Carbon Emissions Trading Scheme that turns collected funds from people, businesses and organisations, using the funds to set up carbon sink projects in the Coromandel.

The problem with international Carbon Trading Schemes (CTS), is that they are not all created equal as the New Zealand accidently found in the past when buying CTS credits from Russian & Ukrainian sources1. The other major concern with investing in overseas Carbon Trading Schemes, is that money is sent offshore and not directly invested into local schemes that have a tangible and immediate impact locally.