Capital Thinking. Globally Minded—Professor James Renwick

Victoria University of Wellington

Published on May 31, 2016



Humanity has never faced a problem as big as we’re facing now with global warming and we need to act urgently, says Professor James Renwick from Victoria University of Wellington’s School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences. See him in video - left.


Thinking Thames 

NIWA report has counted the number of buildings in the lowest lying parts of New Zealand’s coastline, and assessed their replacement value.   This information has then been collated for every large city and small town in New Zealand.  


On both building count and replacement value Thames is the 8th most at risk city or town in the whole of New Zealand.  This ranking applies for the lowest lying zone up to 0.5 m above sea level through to the 1.5 m level.  


Ngatea is ranked 13th most at risk, and Whitianga is ranked 14th.

To read Denis Tegg's research on this - click HERE.


TCDC's Coastal Management Strategy

We have an important opportunity to give feedback to our Council on the proposed 2018-2028 Coastal Management Strategy which will inform funding priorities in the Long Term Plan. Submissions can be as brief or comprehensive as you like. The background documents can be found here and here

Written submissions can be made up until 18th November, either by email or on the submission form available here:


Given recent press surrounding the urgent need to address Climate Change, and the Insurance Council NZ’s concern over the impact of climate change on the insurance status of homes this consultation is a great opportunity to "have your say".


Transition Town Thames and others feel that the following points are important to raise in submissions to the councils:

* To prioritise funding for a Peninsula-wide coastal hazards assessment of the potential impacts of Sea Level Rise (sea inundation) by expert consultants (as has been done by other councils).


* To develop comprehensive mitigation/adaption plans, and a communication outreach plan.


* To join 50 other Mayors across the country in signing the Local Government Mayoral Declaration on Climate Change.


* To develop a Council-wide plan to reduce its own emissions


* To provide leadership to our communities on:

- low carbon transport options (walking, cycling, public transport, electric vehicles)

- installation/use of renewable energy

- guidance on improving efficiencies e.g. insulation, water heating


*TCDC staff need training and policy/procedure reviews to ensure all relevant policies/procedures adequately consider Climate Change issues across all Council functions. 


*To engage in meaningful public consultation once the hazards assessments and "ways forward" are better known, and then work with communities to understand, prepare for and respond to the impacts of Climate Change


Our new Government has clearly stated Climate Change is a core focus and Thame Coromandel District Council could take this lead and urgently lobby for funding for our district as we begin to address the ongoing and increasing impacts of Climate Change. 

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