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When you think globally, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by feedback in almost every sector reminding us that things are out of whack.  It's a systemic issue, and one that can only be addressed when we think together, act together and enjoy our people and place.


T3-TransitionTownThames addresses uncertainty and overwhelm by starting where we live - our people, our place, our challenges.


Our mission: “To build resilience in and around Thames by enabling community approaches to food, energy and economics in ways that are environmentally sustainable, socially just and spiritually fulfilling for all.”


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T3 congratulates all who stood in the recent local body elections for the Thames Ward. There were some excellent candidates, and its a shame we don't have 4 representatives, rather than 3.  However, we do have three wonderful representatives:  Sally Christie, Martin Rodley, and Robyn Sinclair.  They are all very positive, community focussed, and transition-hearted.  We are, as a community, very lucky.

THE PINNACLES - a view from the top

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