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Welcome to the T3connect community website created by Transition Town Thames please join up and read through these guidelines and remember them while you are using the site.

Setting up your account

Please sign up using your own name, just your first name if you prefer, but please no nick names (unless that’s what you are known as in real life!). This site is about growing community connections and we can’t do that with masks on.

Please load up a picture of yourself, so we can put a name to the face. For a bit of guidance on how to do this check out our beginners guide.

Adding Businesses and Organisations to T3connect

First off become an individual member of T3Connect (if you aren't already) here.

If you are in a decision making position at a business or organisation, and are empowered to make this kind of call, we would love it if you created a group for it. We have different limits for businesses and groups so please have a look at our instructions here.

Businesses or organisations that create member pages will be asked to create the appropriate group in the appropriate format. Member pages that are misused in this way will be removed.

What you can add or discuss here.

In any of the pages, photos or video discussions or discussions on this site do not display pornography, cruelty to humans or animals including but not limited to any graphic images likely to cause distress.

We want you (and everyone else!) to feel safe here so please don’t disparage people due to race or ethnicity,age, gender or sexual preference, disability, appearance or body shape. The management or T3Connect will remove any material they deem to be inappropriate. They may also ban members and their computer which may impact on other members using that machine.

Please keep it civil and constructive and like my Nana always said, ‘If you can’t say it in a nice way, what are you hoping to achieve by saying it?’.

Treatment of minors

Do not use this site to flirt with or groom any minor including through private messages. Any evidence of this will lead to the banning of site members. Minors should also not flirt with any adult (over 18) members of the site. Please contact site management here if you feel you are being approached in a manner that transgresses these rules.

Spam is not allowed

Please don’t spam the place up. Don’t send out multiple messages to other members promoting anything. We will suspend accounts for spamming.

Organisations are what we call clubs, or teams etc that are not run for profit

Any not for profit organisation located or with a branch located between Manaia, Pururi, Turua and the river cottage on the kopu hikuai is encouraged to create a page here (as long as their nature does not conflict with our TOS). Even if you have your own site a simple page here can link through to your site.

To create a page for your organisation click on ‘Organisations’ on the main menu. It is really important that you include some contact details including a phone number. This is because we verify each organisation before we make them visible to the public.

You can add photos into the page set up discussion and create an RSS feed from another site.

Businesses are anything run for a profit!

Any business located or with a branch located between Manaia, Pururi, Turua and the river cottage on the Kopu Hikuai is encouraged to create a page here. Even if you have your own site a simple page here can link through to your site.

To create a page for your organisation click on ‘Organisations’ on the main menu. It is really important that you include some contact details including a phone number. This is because we verify each business before we make them visible to the public.

Businesses get less for free than organisations. For free please fill in your details including contact details, hours of business and link that seems appropriate. You may also include two photographs in the text box. These photographs could be of your business or a scan of a menu or stock list. You can also load a photograph (avatar) to represent the group on search pages. You can change these as often as you like.

The other features, text multiple pages, RSS feed, comments and discussion forums are available for $50 a year. This also includes the ability to use our free community listings as a business (other business listings will be deleted). Paying business will also be featured for one week per year on the main page.

If you create your T3Connect page and add other information on top of the basic details and two photographs (+avatar) this will not show up unless the business becomes a paying business.

Free Listings

Members of T3 connect are welcome to use our free listings. Listings will run for two weeks. If your listing is no longer valid please feel free to remove it earlier.

Businesses can not use our free listings, unless they have signed up for our premium business package. Listings that appear to refer to a business will be removed at the sole discretion of T3connect administration.

Please don’t list anything illegal, photos will be treated the same on listings as elsewhere on the site.

T3connect is not liable for any losses incurred through our free listing service or if the service is not available. T3connect makes no promise or warranty that the site will be available at all times or indeed at all. T3connect reserves the right to change the guidelines or Terms of service at any time

Latest Activity

Andrea P posted an event

Wilderland Trust needing support at Wilder-land

July 29, 2014 at 6pm to August 15, 2014 at 12pm
Link to Indiegogo Wilderland is a charitable Trust dedicated to empowering individuals to enhance the global environment and personal health of everyone. A unique education centre where sustainable living is a reality, Wilderland offers people just like you the chance to come and learn about living in a way that will preserve the environment for future…See More
3 hours ago
Jon Brunette is now a member of T3Connect
Jul 22
Trif Sitnikoff posted an event

Indoor Rock Climbing at Thames High School Gym

July 23, 2014 from 7pm to 9pm
Thames Social Climbers meets each Wednesday at 7pm at the Thames High School Gym. Its all about climbing and laughing. Lets get high together!See More
Jul 22
mark skelding posted events
Jul 22
Peter Poeschl posted an event

General Election - Meet the Candidates at Grahamstown Community Hall

August 30, 2014 from 10:30am to 12:30pm
The Thames-Hauraki Forest and Bird and the Thames Coast Protection Society warmly invite you to a meeting with the candidates for the general election 2014. Speeches will include environmental policy. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and to have individual conversations with the speakers. The meeting will be facilitated by Ken Carpenter from Forest and Bird and Richard Moyle from Thames Coast Protection Society.See More
Jul 20
mark skelding posted events
Jul 19
Pam Fowler is now a member of T3Connect
Jul 19
Profile IconLeanne Irvine and Dorothea Pienaar joined T3Connect
Jul 16

Dorothea Pienaar posted a listing for: Rental home needed in or near Thames
(via Listings)

Jul 15
Rosalie Steward posted videos
Jul 14
Rosalie Steward joined Trish Hatfield's group

Mrs Greenjeans Seedlings

Mrs Greenjeans Seedlings is committed to providing healthy, strong organic seedlings to gardeners and growers in the Thames area. A partnership between Nancy Zwaan and Trish Hatfield, Mrs Greenjeans sells her wares weekly at the Grahamstown Market and also at the Thames Organic Shop on Pollen Street. Currently Mrs Greenjeans grows a wide range of vegetable plants, many herbs and some flowers. This is an Organic Farm New Zealand certified organic business.See More
Jul 14
Rosalie Steward joined mark skelding's group

Talking Book

A place to share good books you've read - or one's you want to. And the chance to explore their ideas - or seek support in those gloomy moments with Al Gore!T3 Groupshobbies and gamesOrganisationsSee More
Jul 14


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Great News for Solar (1):

Siemens and Semprius double photovoltaic effiency.

Great news for Solar (2):

using salt to capture and store energy

Peak Oil again in news - Nature magazine article. follow link: Co-author David King is former science advisor to UK government. 

The idea of ‘peak oil’ — that global production will reach a peak and then decline — has been around for decades.  The true volume of proven global reserves is clouded by secrecy; forecasts by state oil companies are not audited and seem to be exaggerated. The notion that oil is produced by the earth - abiogenic oil - is largely discredited.


Should we be concerned about the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA)? Click link for news.

If these secret negotiations succeed [the only documents in the public domain have been leaked] they will create a mega-treaty across nine or more countries that puts a straightjacket on the policies and laws our government can adopt for the next century and give massive new powers to corporations.

Thames residents may be sitting on a gold mine

There is an application to prospect for gold underneath the town pending approval.

The application by Zedex Gold [application 53981 - purple on map] was lodged with the Ministry of Economic Development on October 4th 2011.

To find out more background see these links:  

A:  B:   C:  D:  E:  F:  G:  H:  I:

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